About Us

About Us

Rendevouz Tours is a pioneering & an association of most experienced grass root level service providers, Tour Facilitators & Story Tellers based in Delhi, India. Founded recently, the promoters of this company are from the Tour and Travel business and have worked as a Tour Guides since more than two decades in Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Varanasi etc. and have handled all types of tours in the above cities. Both Barry and Harry have worked for most reputed Travel Houses of Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Our core competence lies in unexplored areas of Mehrauli Archeological Park and its hidden gems surrounded in the lush green parks and gardens. Both the service providers were born and brought up in Mehrauli itself and know about every nook and corners of its vicinity and its historical significance right from its emergence to the modern days history. Mehrauli Archeological Park is also a testimony of glorious past of the Hindus, Afghans, Moghuls, Jains, Christian Rulers, Sultans, Saints and their places of rests/burials and speaks about their sad endings.

The purpose of forming a new business venture upholds two main objectives:

  • 1. To provide the most delightful and surprising experiences of 1st city of Delhi with its in-sight historical significance and values.
  • 2. To pay back to the society, some part of our earnings by way of providing help to the under privileged and downtrodden people thru a Non Government Organization.

The NGO known as BETI FOUNDATION (www.betifoundation.in) is a social services provider to the poor class of the society. This is also to break down the negative attitudes associated with people from less developed communities, as well as to help achieve social changes by putting money back into these communities. People who are associated under the banner of this Non Government Organization are all united by the above goals. Our endeavor is to show visitors places that might be difficult to see or experience on their own. By doing this, we allow them to gain a full understanding of the city-an understanding that includes becoming more aware about the social context of the communities we work with, while also celebrating the amazing sights, food, culture and people of India. Most importantly, Some of the profits from all of our tours (including our new multi-day tours of different kinds, fund the work of our NGO, which runs and supports a variety of projects in and around Delhi.

Why History of a place is as significant as its present, despite of its rapid development.

Mehrauli, one of the most oldest and ancient cities of Delhi was the first among Seven Cities founded over a period of time immortal. This magnificent part of the city falls in the South Western direction is surrounded by lush green Gardens, Ridges, Water Reservoirs, Temples and Places of worship of all faiths, Monuments of Indo, Afghan & Mughal dynasties well blended. This is one the most architecturally and historically irresistible place in the world which one cannot skip without knowing its glorious past while in Delhi. Turning the pages of history brings alive every alley and stone of Mehrauli area with a vigour speaking for itself. Mehrauli is the site of plethora of monuments, so much so that a sense of history and legends pervade every lane and even stones, for here lived Kings, Sultans, Generals, Warriors, Saints and Monks. Prehistoric tales associate Mehrauli with the descendants of the Pandavas. Later it saw the building of Lal Kot, a bastion of the first real city of Delhi whose archaeological proof could not be found. Then it became the dominion of legendary Rajput warrior Prince Prithviraj indelibly ingrained in Hindu courtly love tradition. Qila Rai Pithora was the witness to the glory of Prithviraj Chauhan who was later defeated in Second Battle of Tarain by Mohd. Ghauri, whereupon the latter’s death, his slave Qutubdin Aibak made Mehrauli his capital and the Sultans and Emperors who followed him ruled from there.

The Mughals too liked this place so much so and built several monuments within the vicinity. They were great devotees of the Sufi Saint Qutubdin Bakhtiar Kaki and build many structures to show their respect and reverence. Bahadur Shah I found his last resting place in Mehrauli and Bahadur Shah II also wanted to be buried here in Mehrauli but unfortunately his wish was not granted as he was exiled to Burma after the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, where his ‘mazaar’ now lies. The last Shah of Delhi, Bahadur Shah Jafar’s despair and anguish of not finding his beloved resting place was immortalized in his famous gazals/poetry too.

The most famous places of visit in Mehrauli area are Qutub Minar-the tallest stone tower in the world, The Shrine of Sufi Saint Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki, The famous & ancient Hindu temple of Goddess Yogmaya-known to be the sister of Lord Krishna. The famous Stepwell known by the name Rajon Ki Bawli-A water Reservoir, Jamali Kamli Tomb, Sheesh Mahal, Jahaz Mahal, The traces of Jharna, The Oldest Jain Temple of 12th Century and the most admirable Archeological Park facing Qutub Minar. There are several other monuments of Mughal architecture which speak of their glorious history when witnessed.

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